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416 remington

Most anyone who has actually experienced a bear charge wishes they had a larger caliber rifle. I for one have had my fair share of bear encounters and, although the usually offers plenty of stopping power, I opted to go up in caliber.

416 remington

I decided on the Remington as I still wanted a versatile, yet powerful rifle. The modern Remington round was introduced to fill the desire for a modern equivalent of the older Jeffery, introduced inand the Rigby, which came out in The Jeffery was what L. Chadwick chose for his sheep rifle in when he killed the largest sheep ever taken in North America.

That is where the custom built rifle shines.

.416 Remington Magnum

He even builds his own scope mounts, magazine boxes, and followers for each rifle. The balance of the rifle, with a rugged little 2. With four rounds in the magazine, tape on the muzzle and a rubber scope cover, the rifle weighs less than eight pounds. I can wrap my hand around the stock in front of the scope and carry it all day. The weight of the rifle has raised a few eyebrows in regards to recoil, but recoil is momentary while toting a heavy rifle all hunting season can be rather tedious.

416 Remington Magnum

One of my favorite features of the Legend is that it will hold four belted magnum rounds in the magazine and one up the spout giving a total of five rounds. When approaching a downed bear this gives great comfort. Because the little Leupold compact scopes have proven to be so reliable my father has had the same one on his for 34 years I elected to not have iron sights installed.

The flashlight beam lies perfectly in line with the bore which is a pretty useful addition when chasing bears away from camp during the night! They seem to fit everyone, from men with massive hands to women my size. His synthetic stocks are his design built by McMillan and popular on serious hunting rifles. In addition, it recoils less and as anyone who has ever tried stopping a charge will tell you, less recoil means you can get back on target faster! Eager as I was to use my newI wanted a chance to try it on something other than an enraged brown bear first.

Now a Remington with a fixed 2. What I had read about sheep hunting is that one ideally wants a lightweight, flat shooting and accurate rifle. My rifle fit these parameters perfectly. I was using a grain. As for the scope I have very little interest in combining long range shooting with hunting. Long range shooting is an impressive skill, but when hunting, much like the sentiment of a bow hunter, I prefer the excitement, thrill and challenge of the stalk.

That is where all the primal skills come into play and stealth and instinct are needed. Another contributing factor was that there is no substitute for familiarity when it comes to rifle choice. I was shooting lightweight rounds out of it all summer as well as throwing it to my shoulder and working the bolt every day.

Last of all, you know how it is with a new rifle. You want to use it. Sheep season was my first chance and if L. Chadwick was able to take a monster ram with his Jeffery, by golly I was going to try and take one with my Remington. How did that turn out? You can read about my sheep hunt next month right here on ronspomeroutdoors. Between flying her bush plane, guiding fishermen, outfitting camps, and guiding hunters, Tia Shoemaker finds time to write about her adventures.The cartridge was conceived as a less costly alternative to the.

While today the. Rather, it sparked a renewed interest in the. Choice Ammunition utilizes only the finest components and proprietary loading formulas meticulously assembled with temperature insensitive powders. This insures wherever your travels may take you- you can depend on our premium ammunition to close out your hunt.

We have matched identical performance and point of impact both the Triple Shock and the Banded Solid in these grain rounds! Shoot with confidence no matter the conditions on your dangerous game hunt. When the bullet expands, four razor-sharp cutting petals are created, allowing the bullet to penetrate farther through tough bone and tissue.

In life-threatening situations, you can depend on Banded Solids to put the largest animal down. Multiple bands, or rings, cut into the shank of Barnes Banded Solids relieve pressure and virtually eliminate fouling.

New nose design tracks straighter through dense muscle and bone. These grain Swift A-Frame and Break-Away Solid bullets for the Remington are ideal for dangerous game and large bodied animals. Swift A-Frame- For 28 years the Swift A-Frame rifle bullets have set the standard by which all bonded bullets are measured.

Simple ballistics comparison. 30-06 to 416 Remington Magnum

With its controlled expansion of 2. Swift A-Frame fans, here you go! For 28 years A-Frame rifle bullets have set the standard by which all bonded bullets are measured. With our hand-loaded manufacturing process and tightest load tolerances in the industry, count on Choice Ammunition to provide the most accurate, reliable and consistent round available on the market today! These grain Nosler Partition bullets for the Remington are ideal for most dangerous game and large bodied animals. The polymer tip provides flawless magazine feeding and Breaks-Away upon impact.

The cavitated front end provides a perfectly straight wound channel. The proprietary metal, a rebated ogive, a short driving band, and a lead core, all make the Break-Away Solid very gentle on barrels.

These grain Barnes TSX rounds for the. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases. These grain Barnes Banded Solids for the Remington are ideal for most dangerous game and large bodied animals. The enclosed rear core retains more than half the original bullet weight for deep penetration. The special crimp locks in the rear core section, adding strength to resist deformation under the pressure of heavy magnums. Customer Service My Account.

Search for: Search. Search for:. Home Ammunition Ammunition. Cowboy Action.Jump to navigation. Historical records do not bear this out.

Introduced in aboutthe. This means that they had a monopoly on both rifles and ammunition.

.416 Remington vs .458 Lott

The rifles were more or less custom made, and the ammo was expensive. Rigby made just a very few hundred. Breaking the proprietary, a few more were made in Continental Europe and by American custom gunmakers. The cartridge was and is excellent, and it was admired by all who used it. Left to right:. These three. The point, however, is that its legend exceeded its actual use.

Until the late Eighties it was the only factory cartridge to use the. By the s the British ammo firm of Kynoch who made the. From the mids onward there were periodic rumors about an American factory-loaded. There were several wildcat versions of. I had one inand a few years later it served as the basis for the. In my experience the. Bill Ruger was among many American riflemen who revered the. To those who knew him it was no secret that one of his projects was to create a full-sized version of his Model 77 that would accommodate the big.

416 remington

I was very wrong. Working quickly and quietly, Remington stole the march, introducing their. Ballistics are essentially identical, with the most common load a grain bullet at about feet per second for both the. The Remington has the advantage of fitting into a smaller action, with generally less expensive rifles and ammo.

The Rigby has a huge edge in history, tradition, and nostalgia. So suddenly, by earlywe had two factory. Within months we had a third, the. Based on the.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Local Storage seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage in your browser.

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Comes with Rug Gun : GA Sales: 9. It has beautiful cartesian walnut with dark streaks. It has a 24in barrel with express sights. Stevens Available - Excellent condition heavy barrel Stevens model bolt action rifle chambered in.

This vintage. GA Sales: Time Left: 37 days 15 hours 47 minutes. MPN read more. We buy, sell, consign and trade new Remington Custom Shop Model Rem,24" barrel with express rear sight,banded hooded front sight,beautiful walnut stock with deluxe sculpted cheekpiece,sculpted ejection port,wr Winchester Model 70 Safari Express.

CZ African Classic. This gun is in great condition and is a great price.

416 remington

Reduced price!! Five boxes rounds of Federal.The cartridge was intended as a dangerous game hunting cartridge and released to the public in The cartridge uses the case of the 8 mm Remington Magnum as a parent cartridge. When the cartridge was released inauthor Frank C. Barnes considered the.

The cartridge was conceived as a less costly alternative to the. While today the. Rather, it sparked a renewed interest in the. It also has been increasingly used in North America, Alaska in particular, for the hunting of and as a defense against large bears.

As former European colonies in Africa gained independence, safari hunting on the continent began a slow decline due to resource mismanagement and political factors. However, by the s African nations recognizing the potential benefits, began developing areas as hunting and safari destinations.

Early on. Today, loaded with modern smokeless powders, the. The Rigby was a large, voluminous cartridge in comparison to most magazine rifle cartridges of its time, which had used cordite as a propellant and operated at medium pressures. Rifles chambered for the cartridge required not only longer actions but also oversized bolt faces, all of which increased the cost. Cartridges such as the. As ammunition for the cartridge became scarce, professional hunters such as Selby put away their. The renewed interest in safari hunting in North America beginning in the s created a market for a specialized African cartridge.

African nations mandated minimum caliber legislation beginning in the s which mandated minimum calibers for dangerous game hunting. The minimum cartridges for hunting of dangerous game was set at either the. Remington realizing the opportunity designed what was to become the second dangerous game cartridge to originate in the United States to be commercialized — the first being the.

The introduction of the. This in turn resulted in resurrection of the.

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Weatherby was to follow Remington's lead soon after, releasing the. The design of the. George L. Hoffman of Sonora Texas solution to having a. The new cartridge named the. Remington realizing that a new market had opened, designed the. The Remington cartridge had a striking resemblance to the. This avoided the need for a costly new action or redesign of pre-existing rifle models all of which would add to the cost of the rifle.Forums New posts Trending Search forums.

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Jayne Private. Just ranting, nothing really useful in this post Doing a favor for a guy and loading up more. He gave me the dies and shell holder, brass and bullets and all I had to do was load 'em up.

Fortunately I had some large rifle mag primers lying around or he would be SOL. Anyway, these things SUCK to reload. The case necks seem way to thin and frail for the size of the bullet and unless you lube the bullet and heavily chamifer sp? The bullets themselves barns are squatty and tend to stick in the seating die causing them to seat at slightly random depths so you've got to lube the tops of the bullets too I posted before about getting a stuck case when sizing these things and to prevent a repeat I'm hand lubing each case with Imperial and it's still a nerve wracking experience working the brass.

OK, I'm done ranting and fortunately I've finished off all the bullets he gave me so it will be a bit before I have to revisit this evil caliber again. Jan 6, 7, 1, Southeast, PA www.

Re: I hate reloading the. Flat based bullet and a relatively long neck or straight walled case IIRC? If you can get ahold of one, try running the cases into a 41 mag or 10mm auto flare die to get a little flare on the mouth first.

I had to do that for with solids that had a sharp base. It's annoying as can be, I understand. Is he going to let you shoot a few of them for your annoyance? Jan 22, 3, 3 0 54 Dallas, Texas www. Yes, some of those are bad like that. When you size, and you running the expander ball back through the neck? On cases that are very tight in the neck, I'll run the case back over the expander ball twice.